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Collection: Earth Friendly Tree Art

-My Large Earth Friendly Tree Art average about 4-4.5 feet tall. So called because they are made entirely using recycled/found elements that I've reclaimed and diverted from the landfill! Many of the pieces you see here are examples of my work only.

-My Smaller Earth Friendly Tree Art hold some recycled and gathered components. The Moons actually Glow on many of these dioramas! The warmth of driftwood and recycled Copper is a major facet in a few of my pieces too!

-You'll also find a Bonsai or two in this collection! Some are wall mounted on driftwood or walnut wood cookies and a few beautiful table top variations as well!

*It takes 4-6 weeks to create your custom piece. 

* Contact me for a Shipping Quote prior to purchasing your Art! Art pieces weight varies depending on the materials used*

*No extra taxes

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