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In-School Programming


                            My In-School Programming Information

My focus is hands on learning activities. These field trips are developed to enhance your students’ understanding for specific areas of study and nurture creativity. These projects are tactile and a great introduction to Wire Art.

I bring all the tools required to run these field trips. All we need is the space to work in, and the adult Volunteers to help supervise the activities!

*I have Covid 19 protocols in place and use Hand sanitizer while teaching, sterilize all of the tools before each class and I wear face mask while on the premises.

I offer the convenience of a field trip that comes to your school which saves the expense of busing and the loss of classroom instructional time for your students. 

                              I provide programming for;

  • Grade K-6 -Special Occasion Bookmarks Or Photo Holders (Mothers Day, Father's Day etc.)
  • Grade 6- Art, Religion & Trees and Forests Areas of Study
  • Grades 7-9- Art, Religion & Environmental and Outdoor Studies
  • Grade 10-12 -3D Wire Sculpture

                                        Field Trip Guidelines

I apply a $10 Off -First Session Discount for each class for field trips booked with me for the first time or a whole school session field trip is booked and the following criteria are met:

  • Same field trip
  • Same school
  • Same day

                                         Class Sizes


Maximum enrollment is 30 students in one sitting. If on the day of the field trip, more than 30 students are in attendance, there will be a surcharge per extra student. The min. number of staff and volunteers required must be met. This number may vary and will be set at the time of booking. 

If 2 or more sessions are booked on the same day it would be helpful if they are held in the same room.


Prices quoted are for schools within the Edmonton City limits. All other schools will be assessed an additional travel fee per visit.

                               2022/23 School Year Prices

Cost per student K-6 apply to both the *Bead and Wire Bookmarks and the Beaded Photo holder.

Projects are approximately 1 hour duration. **Schools supply the painted rocks for the Photo holders.

  • 20-25 Students-$6.50
  • 26-30 Students- $7.00

If class sizes exceed 30 students a charge of $8.00 for each additional student applies.

Cost per student applies to both *Wire Butterfly and *Wire Tree projects I offer.

Butterfly and Tree projects are approximately 2 hours duration.

  • 20-25 students- $16.25
  • 26-30 students- 17.25

-A minimum of $300 will be charged for less than 20 students for the Tree and Butterfly Projects.

-A minimum of $125 will be charged for less than 20 students for the Book mark and Photo Holder projects.

Invoices will reflect the # of students quoted at booking time unless more are in attendance than was quoted then the additional students will be added to the invoice. See below.

-If class sizes exceed 30 students a charge of $16.75 for each additional student applies.

  • I Do Not charge GST at this time. Subject to change without notice.

                               Cancellation Policy
  • 7 business days before the field trip, there is no charge for cancellations and may be re-booked within the same school year for no charge.
  • If less than 7 business days’ notice is given, there is a service charge of $100 for the cancellation of the field trip and a fee of $50 to re-book within the same school year.

-Business days do not include general holidays or school non-instructional days.

  • I will contact the facilitating teacher(s) by email 1 week prior to the field trip to confirm student numbers, finalize requirements for space, tables, arrival times and any other pertinent information.
  • Payment is not required ahead of time – An invoice will be emailed to the facilitating Teacher/ Administrator/School Board after the field trip, which is due net 30 days for payment.


                                 Field Trip Requirements

  • Food is not permitted during the field trips.
  • I require at least 15 minutes prior to the field trip to set up the materials in the room reserved for the field trip.
  • I reserve the right to terminate participation in the field trip if it is perceived that my supplies and equipment are being used inappropriately.
  • As we are working with wire and tools which may cause harm to the participants, a waiver must be signed by the facilitating Teacher/ Administrator on behalf of all students, staff and volunteers participating in the field trip.
  • In the event that the required number of adult helpers is not met I reserve the right to cancel the field trip and rebook based on these requirements.

                                   I ask that our helpers ;

  •  Arrive 5 - 10 minutes before the scheduled start time
  • Set phone to “silent” for the duration of the program
  • Be ready to help with material distribution and student support
  • Ensure art tools and materials are being used respectfully
  • Please Do Not take photos/videos of the program delivery. The Facilitating Teacher will provide media if deemed appropriate. We take our staff and students rights and privacy seriously.

                                 Other things to know:
  • It really helps when everyone wears name tags.
  • When you, as the teacher, are able to move between the groups of students to encourage, observe and troubleshoot what your students are learning.
  • If 2 or more sessions are booked on the same day it would be helpful if they are held in the same room.
  • If the tables are set up in a large U formation for ease of delivery of Instructions to students.

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or concerns.


                              A Little About me...

I am a Canadian wire Artist and Educator from Edmonton, Alberta. I have always been crafty and as a former Education Assistant with Edmonton Public schools, I have always loved working with children and youth.

In 2016 I began this wonderful journey by starting my creative business, We-met Wire Work is a play on my last name. I am involved in the YEG and area Maker movement and I can be found in Galleries, Markets and Art walks around Alberta. I am a member of the Sculptors Association of Alberta and VASA.

My wire Art has found homes across the world including exotic places like Japan, Argentina, Spain, and Norway among many others. I believe firmly in supporting our communities, and have donated consistently to local charities and I sit on the board as partner for a non-profit in support of Edmonton and area Artisans. Little Warriors is my designated charity for 2022.

This side of my business was created to provide unique experiences for students of all ages, and I continue to develop and expand with new field trips, and workshops.

I believe that the hands-on projects that I offer, enrich and enhance the curriculum by making it fun and interesting for teachers and students alike. Offering students unique, high quality, fun and interesting projects is of utmost importance to me.

Its an absolute thrill for me to see my students, young and old, have that moment of wonder and satisfaction when they realize they’ve created one of the seriously cool projects I offer!

I offer Team Building, and Fundraising opportunities as well! Pricing and projects differ from those listed above. Please contact me for those details.  

Thanks so much for popping in!

Laura Ouimet -Owner/Artist/Instructor, We-met Wire Work